Air Medical Transportation

AirLife Georgia

AirLife Georgia, in partnership with Emory Healthcare, provides medical transportation service to transfer critically ill patients to an Emory facility. AirLife Georgia operates six helicopters, known collectively as EMORY FLIGHT℠, to effectively cover the majority of Georgia as well as parts of Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. By serving the state with multiple strategically placed helicopters, we are improving the odds in the race against time for the Interventional Cardiology and Neurology patients as well as those patients who meet "Golden Hour" criteria with traumatic injuries.

Advantages of Air Medical Transport and EMORY FLIGHT℠

• Air transport  vs. ground transport reduces patients out of hospital time significantly in most cases
• Rapid transportation to tertiary care centers decreases morbidity and mortality
• Keeps local ground ambulances available for emergency calls within their communities
• Ability to provide your patients with Rapid Sequence Induction for difficult airway control
• Our critical care staff continues the high level of care your facility has initiated without utilizing your staff and equipment to the patients' final destination
• Ability to monitor invasive lines (i.e., Swan-Ganz lines, Arterial lines)

When to Call

The decision to call for air medical transport is based not only on the patient's condition but also the accessibility to the scene or hospital facilities. AirLife Georgia's Communications Specialist will gain acceptance at the closest, appropriate facility for all pre-hospital scene calls.

AirLife Georgia flight dispatch: 1-888-763-1010