These exercises will guide you from 3 months until 8 months post surgery. It is vital to faithfully adhere to the following program to avoid re-injury to the ACL reconstruction. Having a physical therapist or certified athletic trainer to help guide you through this program is often helpful.

Months 3-4: Jogging Phase

Throughout months 3 through 4 you will work on functional strengthening with moving forwards and backwards, increasing your cardiovascular fitness and starting a jogging progression, core strengthening and overall lower extremity flexibility.


Schlopy Mini Jumps

(2 sets of 20 repetitions)

Take a small jump forward, (> 12 inches) then a small jump back with a deep soft landing into a squatted position. Absorb the jump to 90 deg at the knee. Make sure knees stay over toes or slightly outside of toes.


Use a mirror for feedback, hips should stay even and knees should not buckle in, you should flex at your knees not your hips.