For a detailed explanation of your statement:

• Download an Emory PHYSICIAN statement breakdown (PDF).

• Download an Emory HOSPITAL statement breakdown (PDF).

FAQs for Emory Hospitals Online Bill Pay

These are frequently asked questions for online bill pay for Emory Hospitals. Go here for questions pertaining to statements from The Emory Clinic.

Why do I receive multiple bills and statements?

You receive separate bills from the hospital and your physician. If you are seen at The Emory Clinic or one of its affiliates, you will receive bills and statements from them. Hospital and Clinic accounts are queried and paid separately. Please note the name of the provider on the statement you are referencing, and follow instructions for viewing, paying and contacting the provider. If you have multiple accounts at one or more Emory Hospitals, you will receive separate statements for each account. Each statement indicates the hospital that provided service and the date of service for the account.

Can I review statements and accounts from previous months?

Account information may be viewed online for 90 days after the account goes to zero balance. If you need information on earlier accounts, please contact the hospital business office.

Can I pay more than one hospital account online?

You can make a payment for each account that has a patient balance due. The account number ensures that the payment posts to the correct account.

Can I make monthly payments on my hospital account?

Please click here set up monthly payments online. If you are unable to meet the specified parameters, contact the hospital business office to discuss other arrangements.

How long does it take for payments to appear on my account?

You may view recently made payments in a 'pending' state until the transaction is posted to your account. Transactions are posted within two working days of when payment is made.

Is there any fee associated with paying my statement online?

There is never a fee for paying an account online. If your bank account contains insufficient funds, your bank may impose a fee on the overdraft.

What if my bank account does not have sufficient funds to cover a payment?

We make withdrawals authorized by you from the checking or savings account that you designate as the payment account. As with any payment account, you must provide sufficient funds to coverall payments. Since we have no knowledge of your account balance at any time, we cannot notify you if your payment account has insufficient funds. There may be additional charges for payments attempted against accounts with insufficient funds.

What credit cards does Emory Hospitals accept?

The hospitals accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Patients may also pay online using eCheck.

How can I receive a copy of my medical record?

Emory Healthcare’s website provides instructions for requesting a copy of your hospital medical record, including a release form to complete. You'll find it here. To request a copy of a Clinic or doctor's office record, please contact your physician.

What if I change my email address or other demographic information?

If you need assistance with the online web site or any matter regarding your hospital account, please contact our patient account representatives here.

Where can I find Emory Hospitals charity policy?

You can learn more about Emory’s Charity Policy here.

Who can I talk to about my hospital account?

Contact Emory Hospitals patient account representatives here.

Where can I get help viewing or paying my account online?

If you need assistance with the online web site or any matter regarding your hospital account, please contact our patient account representatives here.

How will I know if my insurance company has paid my bill?

Your insurance company will likely send you a statement indicating what they have paid. You will see the amount posted online and on the hospital statement that follows payment.

What if I disagree with what my insurance company paid on my account?

Insurance companies usually provide an explanation of benefits paid and charges not paid or covered. They also provide a customer service number to contact with questions about the reimbursement.

Why am I receiving two bills for the exact same date of service?

Patients typically will receive two bills for the same date of service. One bill is from Emory Clinic for professional services rendered by the physician. The second bill comes from the facility or hospital. The facility bill reflects charges for services, supplies and equipment provided during your visit or stay.

Example: A patient who comes for a chest x-ray will be billed by Emory Clinic for the physician who reads the results/outcome of the x-ray. The hospital will bill for use of equipment and supplies associated with the service.

Why do I have different account numbers for multiple visits to the same hospital?

Each episode of service represents a different visit to our facility. Hospital account numbers have two parts. The first part, up to nine digits, remains the same for every visit. The last four digits differ to distinguish each visit.

I have BCBS PPO. Why does my statement say Blue Choice 101? I have Anthem BCBS. Why does my statement say Blue Choice? I have United Healthcare. Why does my bill say Secure Horizons?

Our hospitals accept a large number of insurance plans and cannot list the name of each variation individually. Insurance companies identify patients and pay claims based upon the ID number the hospital includes on the bill. As long as the ID number is billed correctly, your insurance carrier will process and pay based on the terms of the plan that you have with them

Why I am I billed for self-administered drugs? I never have a bill after both my primary and secondary insurance have paid. I only took the drugs given to me at the hospital.

“Self-administered drugs” is a term used by Medicare to describe any and all items not covered by Medicare in the Medicare Handbook. The terminology can be misleading to many patients. Although it refers primarily to drugs, it sometimes applies to devices or procedures not covered by your Medicare provider.

Why do I have Medicare listed both as primary and secondary on my bill? I have Medicare primary and another insurance secondary

This sometimes occurs on inpatient accounts. Inpatient claims generally are paid under Medicare A benefits. If A benefits are exhausted, some charges are paid under Medicare B. The presence of Medicare B as secondary on your account does not automatically mean that A benefits are exhausted. The computer system lists both plans associated with a Medicare account even if B is not applicable.

I called hospital business office and established a payment plan. Why am I receiving statements from Health Care Receivables-HRP? Have I been turned over to a collection agency?

Health Care Receivables is Emory Hospitals’ extended business office. They manage accounts with payment plans. HCR has several departments: Payment Tracking; Insurance Follow-up; Collections. They use similar statements for all patient communications, including reminders to patients with payment arrangements of their promises to pay.

I set up a payment plan but would rather pay the hospital directly as opposed to an extended business office. How can I do this?

The extended business office shares the database with Emory Hospitals. You can pay the hospital directly or you can pay the agency directly. If you pay the agency directly, they report patient payments to the hospitals on a weekly basis. Please allow time for the payment to post to your account.

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal. My enrollment code is 105/104. Why does my statement say Blue Choice 101? That looks incorrect.

Blue Choice 101 is an automatic listing in our computer system. Your Federal Blue Cross will pay based upon the ID number billed to them. As long as your ID number is correct, your claims will be processed and paid correctly. Enrollment codes and group numbers rarely affect processing and payment of a claim.

Can I have my Emory Clinic account combined with my hospital account?

It is not possible to combine Emory Clinic and Hospital accounts, even though we operate under the same Emory Healthcare umbrella. Physician and other professional charges billed by Emory Clinic are maintained on a different system from those used by the Hospitals.

Why do I receive letters from the hospital asking me to follow up with my insurance carrier regarding the claim you have submitted on my behalf?

After we file a claim with your insurance carrier, Georgia’s prompt pay law stipulates that the claim be paid within 30 days. Patients have a contractual agreement with their insurance providers. The hospital routinely sends additional information requested by insurance providers and makes every effort to ensure they have what is needed to pay the claim. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that the insurance company makes payment in a timely manner for services provided. This is truly a team effort.

Can I pay my account with a debit card?

Yes, please make sure your debit card has either the MasterCard or Visa emblem on it, and follow the same instructions as with a credit card.

How do I obtain an estimate of charges for procedures performed at the hospitals?

Please use the link below to obtain an estimate of hospital charges for procedures performed at hospitals in the Emory Healthcare system. If you prefer, you may call us at 404-686-0260 or toll-free 855-432-3080.