Community Impact Facts and Figures

  • Over $1.1 billion is contributed to Georgia's economy annually by Emory's research enterprise, resulting in over 28,500 new jobs created by Emory research funding.
  • Emory Healthcare provides charity care for our community, including $48.9 million in annual charity care through Emory Healthcare, and another $23.1 million in uncompensated care at Grady Memorial Hospital. 
  • Since the 1990s, Emory has brought more than $775 million into Georgia in licensing revenues from drugs, diagnostics, devices, and consumer products. Currently, more than 50 products are in various stages of development or regulatory approval, with 27 having reached the marketplace and 12 more in human clinical trials. Over the past decade, Emory has launched 47 start-up companies.
  • Emory is a member of the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA), a partnership of business, research universities, and state government that fosters economic development. Through the GRA, the state invests in research in nanotechnology, screening for new drugs, vaccines, cancer, AIDS, immunology, biomedical informatics, and neuropharmacology.
  • Winship Cancer Institute (the only NCI designated cancer center in GA) is a key participant in the Georgia Cancer Coalition, which invests in cancer research at Emory and works to make the latest advances in care available to all Georgians. Winship also works with the Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education to partner with community-based physicians to make more clinical trials of new treatments available to patients throughout the state.