Emory Healthcare Community

The Emory Healthcare community is more than just a network of hospitals, affiliated and community hospitals, clinics, and telehealth locations. Our community is the people that make Emory Healthcare so special. It's about our nurses, physicians, and staff that work with our patients, rather than on them. It's our patients, families, and the communities that rely on the outstanding patient-centered care and innovative research taking place at Emory Healthcare every day. Furthermore, our community extends beyond Atlanta, throughout the entire state of Georgia, and even outside our state lines and even globally. Our medical advances, clinical trials, research and educational efforts allow us to embrace the health care community as a whole, and play a role as a leader in advancing the possibilities of patient focused care.

In an environment where we empower patients, their families, and our community to participate in and embrace their own health and care, everyone benefits. That's the Emory difference.

Around Georgia

Our community presence around Georgia ranges from participating in local events, giving back to the community, and our telehealth program that allows us to reach our patients all across the state. Learn more >>

Community Impact

As much as we are affected by our community, our community is likewise affected by the developments at Emory. Learn more about the charity care we provide and our economic impact on the state of Georgia. Learn more >>

Local Partnerships

From community hospitals to racetracks and college athletic programs; our community reach is growing through local partnerships. Learn more >>

On the Web

Our community reaches beyond the state lines of Georgia. Check out our community on the Web! Learn more >>

Global Reach

Launched in 2006, Emory's Global Health Institute (GHI) is moving full throttle to take on some of the world’s biggest health challenges, especially in partnership with developing countries. Learn more >>

Social Media

Learn more >>

Emory Healthcare Partnerships