Become a Patient

Options for Scheduling an Appointment with Emory Oral Surgery:

• Fill out the online appointment request form

• Contact our office directly at 404-778-4500

• Contact Emory HealthConnection℠ nurses at 404-778-7777

Having the following information ready will expedite the scheduling process:

• Referral from the primary care physician (if surgery is medically necessary)
• Treating physician or dentist's name, address and telephone number
• Patient's name, address, and telephone number
• Patient's date of birth
• Patient's social security number
• Diagnosis and date of diagnosis
• Insurance information

Your First Consultation

The initial visit will include an evaluation based on current symptoms or conditions and compilation of a thorough medical history. The patient should bring all medical records related to their diagnosis as well as radiology studies and film from scans. In fact, it is helpful for copies of these items to be reviewed by the surgeon before the scheduled appointment, though not mandatory. If interested in this option, please call 404-778-4500. In coordination with the referring physician, a treatment plan is developed after the initial visit.