Emory Healthcare Employee Stories

Click on the links below to get a behind-the-scenes look at a few of our team members here at Emory Healthcare. These articles have all been featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Pulse magazine.

Bea and EdwardLife in the ICUs at Emory Healthcare

The ICUs at Emory Healthcare are not like your Thursday night hospital program on TV! They may be action-packed and full of variety; however, all the effort television puts toward drama, Team Emory Healthcare puts toward teamwork.

Recently, two of the real-life Emory Healthcare ICU stars shared what really happens on their units. Read more.

4A/5A TeamAn Inside Look at a Beacon Award-Winning ICU
... Setting the Standard for Patient Safety ...

If you visit the 4A/5A Cardiovascular-Thoracic Critical Care Unit at Emory University Hospital as an outsider looking in - taking a tour, if you will - you will leave a different person. Something unique will happen to your perspective on life as you circle the two floors of this unit. Read more.


4G TeamMany Voices With a Common Goal
... Creating Successful Multigenerational Teams ...

"One day, I looked around and thought, ‘Where did everyone go? We're losing our profession,'" says Debra Stevens, a nurse who has been with Emory Healthcare for 31 years, as she recounts the day she noticed many co-workers had gone missing. Debra realized it wasn't all of her co-workers who had left bedside nursing, though; it was the Generation Xers (born in the mid-60s to mid-70s). Realizing this, Debra became interested in managing multigenerational work forces and also started witnessing a workplace transformation that is bringing them and other missing co-workers back. Read more.

Three Emory Healthcare NursesPutting Your Hands and Heart to Work

When Katrina Dennis noticed something wasn't right with a patient's visitor, she investigated and got her the care she needed for, what turned out to be, a terrible wound. Monica Waite used her experience and judgment to quickly respond to a newborn's apnea and just as swiftly ensure an early response to the mother's postpartum hemorrhage. And Debby Wingo volunteered to expand her responsibilities to include diabetes educator - at two hospitals - with enthusiasm for a challenge.

With these stories, Katrina, Monica and Debby joined the select ranks of Emory Healthcare nurses who have garnered DAISY Awards, awards recognizing extraordinary U.S. nurses. And although they did not have an award as their goal, all three hold it close to their hearts. Read more.

Bonnie ShoreBonnie Shore: A Nursing Excellence Finalist Reflects on a First Patient

Do you remember the last time a memory flashback made you pause and reflect? Perhaps you wonder on occasion if people from your past ever think of you. Rest assured, if you're remembering an interaction with a health care professional, especially a nurse, they remember you; the memory of you is crisp and clear.

Such is the case for Bonnie Shore, a nurse clinician with Emory Healthcare, when she thinks of one of her first patients. Read more.

RuthAnne WybleNursing: Choose Your Own Adventure

You need to meet RuthAnne Wyble, a new grad nurse in Emory University Hospital Midtown's Special Care Nursery. You need to meet her so you can spend the rest of your day smiling a little wider, dreaming of possibilities and celebrating nurses. RuthAnne is proof that, yes, nurses actually do care as much as they seem to, you can have a second career and challenges don't have to steamroll your goals. Read more.

Toni and BethEmory Healthcare: A Culture of Learning

"I never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, for it is wonderful how often the mustard-seed germinates and roots itself." This is one of the many poignant phrases left to us by long-passed Florence Nightingale (1820-1910); however, simply reading those words suggests that if Nightingale found herself rounding with nurses today, she would still be a mentor, team member, leader and, possibly, a clinical nurse specialist. In particular, she would find herself in good company with Emory Healthcare's Toni Johnson, MSN, RN, CPAN, and Beth Parsons, RN, MSN, CNOR, two of the organization's stellar perioperative clinical nurse specialists. Read more.

CRM EmployeesCenter for Rehabilitation Medicine: Life to Years

Clifton Road in Decatur, Georgia, is a happening place of activity packed with medical staff, students and teachers, working professionals, visitors and patients. After all, Clifton is one of the main thoroughfares for Emory Healthcare and Emory University. It is to be expected that it would be a hub of daily activity and life. And, it also makes sense that, within this hustle and bustle, a place exists where an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals is hard at work trying to help its patients reenter this world and leave the social isolation that neurological damage, musculoskeletal problems, pain, amputations and chronic disease may cause. This place of reentry is called Emory Healthcare Center for Rehabilitation Medicine (CRM). Read more.

NSTNutrition and Metabolic Support Service: The Synergy of a Multidisciplinary Team

When it comes to a minor ailment, there is no disputing the comfort that a bowl of chicken noodle soup brings - whether or not it helps us mend. However, no matter what you believe about the power of that bowl of soup, nutrition science and how it relates to our well-being - especially when we're plagued with a major medical challenge - is tremendously complex and proven to positively affect patient outcomes. And, thanks to a multidisciplinary Nutrition and Metabolic Support Service Team (NST), patients at Emory Healthcare have nutrition on their side. Read more.


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