Continue to serve at Emory Healthcare

Flag The selfless service you have provided our country cannot be matched. As a veteran or a reservist, you can continue to serve our community at Emory Healthcare, where our mission is “To Serve Humanity by Improving Health.” We invite you to explore our available job opportunities under Highlighted Career Opportunities below or under the Search Careers link to the right. Emory Healthcare is committed to your career development.

Questions? Contact Searless Hathaway-Williams at

Employee Testimonials

SearlessSearless Hathaway-Williams, pictured above, is one of the more than 200 veterans employed at Emory Healthcare. Go to the Employee Testimonials page to read her story, as well as the stories of four other veterans who now list Emory as their career home.

Emory Healthcare Veterans by the Numbers

286 veterans employed

14 percent of veterans in leadership roles

70 percent of veterans employed by Emory Healthcare hospitals

23 percent of veterans employed by Emory Healthcare clinics

7 percent of veterans employed by Emory Healthcare support and operational areas