Frequently Asked Questions

How does my company learn more about the Emory Executive Health program?

Please contact us at 404-778-1234. Depending on the needs, an Emory representative can personally make a presentation to your management staff and provide a tour of our facility.

May I sign on as an individual or must my company be a participant?

We welcome both corporate and individual participation.

Does insurance cover any of the Emory Executive Health program benefits?

Due to the preventative, highly-specialized examinations that we offer, most insurance policies do not cover our services. As a result, we do not file to insurance companies nor do we accept contractual insurance adjustments.

Will Emory Executive Health physicians consult with my current physician?

Yes, we regularly consult with many other physicians inside and outside of the Emory system and across the country. With your written authorization, we will send a letter with your test results to your primary care physician and consult with him or her as needed.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

If you haven't already provided information, please bring:

• Completed Health History Questionnaire (provided after scheduling)

• A copy of your medical records. Please  try to send any applicable medical records one to two weeks prior to your appointment so that our physicians can become familiar with your medical situation.

• Our staff will email you a detailed itinerary for your Emory Executive Physical, which will include any additional items you may need to bring to your appointment, a campus map and a Health History Questionnaire.

How long should I schedule for my Emory Executive Health Physical?

Most Emory Executive Health Physicals are completed in just one-half day. This includes all necessary examinations, tests and results review with your Emory Executive Health physician. Added specialty appointments or adding a colonoscopy will extend the duration to 1 to 2 days.

How much does an Executive Physical cost?

The cost for a Comprehensive Emory Executive Health Physical starts at $1900 and increases depending on age and gender specific testing.

What if I need care in between my executive physicals?

Emory's Executive Health physicians will gladly serve not just as the provider of your executive physical, but if you choose, will serve as your general primary care physician as well.