Frequently Asked Questions

How does my company learn more about the Emory Executive Health program?

Please contact us at 404-778-1234. Depending on the needs, an Emory representative can personally make a presentation to your management staff and provide a tour of our facility.

May I sign on as an individual or must my company be a participant?

We welcome both corporate and individual participation.

Does insurance cover any of the Emory Executive Health program benefits?

Due to the preventative, highly-specialized examinations that we offer, most insurance policies do not cover our services. As a result, we DO NOT file to insurance companies NOR do we accept contractual insurance adjustments.

Will Emory Executive Health physicians consult with my current physician?

Yes, we regularly consult with many other physicians inside and outside of the Emory system and across the country. With your written authorization, we will send a letter with your test results to your primary care physician and consult with him or her as needed.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring:

• Driver’s License, or Passport (if applicable)

• Insurance Card (In case specialty appointments or additional tests are recommended)

• Our staff will email you a detailed itinerary for your Emory Executive Physical, which will include any additional items you may need to bring to your appointment, as well as a campus map.

How long should I schedule for my Emory Executive Health Physical?

Most Emory Executive Health Physicals are completed in just one-half day. This includes all necessary examinations, tests and results review with your Emory Executive Health physician. Added specialty appointments or adding a colonoscopy will extend the duration to 1 to 2 days.


How much does an Executive Physical cost?

The cost for a Comprehensive Emory Executive Health Physical starts at $1900 and increases depending on age and gender specific testing.

What if I need care in between my executive physicals?

Emory's Executive Health physicians will gladly serve not just as the provider of your executive physical, but if you choose, will serve as your general primary care physician as well.

Who pays for my executive physical appointments?

If you are enrolled in the program through a Company Account, all executive physical charges will be directed to your company for payment. However, please check with your company’s program coordinator to obtain payment information specific to your company.

If you have privately arranged for an executive physical, charges must be paid by the individual on the day of the appointment.

How am I notified of the results of my physical?

Most results will be available at the end of your appointment and a summation visit with the physician will review these with you in person.

Two to three weeks after your executive physical, a summary report will be mailed to you. This report will include all results of your physical, additional testing, and laboratory results.

You will be contacted immediately if any preliminary testing results indicate a need for follow-up care.

Will my medical information be shared with my employer?

All of our patient’s medical information is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone without explicit permission of the patient.

Can I request additional copies of my physical results?

Your physical results can be forwarded to your primary care physician at your request.

Additional copies of your medical information can be distributed at the patient’s written request. An administrative fee will be charged for any additional copies.

Your results will also be available to you through the secure Emory Patient Portal.

Can I get my prescription filled during my exam?

Our physician’s will gladly refill any medically necessary prescriptions you may have.

What if I have to cancel my visit?

Appointments cancelled within 48 hours will be charged a cancellation fee of $100. A patient that cancels more than two appointments within 48 hours of the original appointment date may be removed from the Executive Health Program.

Do I need a referral from my doctor for the Executive Health program?

Patients do not need a referral from a doctor to become a member of our program. 

What do I wear to my Executive Health physical?

You may wear comfortable clothes to your appointment. We have shower accommodations and private dressing room with lockers if you would like to bring a change of clothing. If you are having an exercise stress test/treadmill, we recommend that you bring comfortable clothes and shoes for walking/running.

Can I eat before my exam?

You will need to fast 6 hours prior to your labs being drawn. You may have water, black coffee/tea, or diet soda. For those having exercise stress tests, we recommend that the beverages be decaffeinated. We offer healthy snacks and beverages for you when clinically appropriate.