90-Day Project Look Ahead

- Patient room construction begins on level eight.

- Interior paint and finishes begin in the parking deck.

- Installation of steel for the bridge that crosses over Clifton Road will be completed in July 2016.

- Valet scaffolding is removed.

- North tower construction will reach the top level in July 2016.

Clifton Campus Expansion Project

Clifton Campus Expansion

Details on the new bed tower

If you’ve been on the Clifton Campus, you’ve noticed a lot of construction happening! The variety of projects taking place are preparing for the arrival of the new hospital tower, which will provide additional beds and clinical space on the Clifton Campus. Keep checking this site for the latest updates on our buidling progress, upcoming projects and photos. Interested in learning about the guiding principles for the project? Click here!

Read the J-Wing, Building our future together EUH Expansion newsletter for insights into the project. The June 2016 edition provides details on the Clifton Streetscape project and temporary walls and bridges in the Clinic A/B Lobby. Find your copy to download under the EUH Expansion newsletter box on the right of your screen! Printed copies are also available at EUH in areas frequented by patients.

Proposed design

Assignment of Patient Care Units

  • Planning and design teams with representation from physicians, nurses, direct support care providers, administrators, and patient and family advisors have been regularly meeting for many months. 
  • To date, more than 100 individuals have participated in the array of standing and ad-hoc committees, as well as user group teams. These teams have provided tremendous input based upon the evaluation criteria, including enhancing the patient/family experience, optimizing operational efficiencies for clinical care teams, evaluating the necessary associations for spaces and related infrastructure, and considering unique space planning opportunities for our care models. 
  • After full consideration of input by these teams, the final recommendation for assignment of patient care units to specific levels of the J-wing was recently made to the EUH Expansion Program Executive Committee who unanimously approved the recommendation as follows (view a map below):
    • Level 9 –Bone Marrow Transplant
    • Level 8 – Hematology & Medical Oncology
    • Level 7 – Surgical Specialties, including Surgical Oncology, Urology, Gynecology and Gynecology Oncology
    • Level 6 – Solid Organ Transplant (kidney, liver and pancreas)
    • Level 5 (South) – Critical Care
    • Level 5 (North) – Unassigned
    • Level 4 - Under development
    • Level 3 - Under development
    • Level 2 - Food services and retail
    • Level 1 - Anesthesia Pre-op Clinic and Imaging
    • Underground parking
  • Assignment of patient care units to specific levels of the J-wing is a crucial step, not just for the J-wing, but also for re-programming of current EUH facilities and units.
  • The next phase of programming, planning and phasing will occupy much of 2016.

The patient- and family-centered facility includes:

-210 patient beds

-450,000 square feet and nine levels

-Patient care units for cancer and transplant (liver, pancreas, kidney)

-Diagnostic and treatment spaces

-ICU rooms

-General medical/surgery rooms

-500 underground parking spaces

-A new pedestrian bridge concourse will connect EUH, Emory Clinic and the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University to the new building.