Geriatric Inpatient Psychiatry

Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital has two secure medical psychiatric units. Both are dedicated to providing psychiatric care for senior patients. It is important for elderly patients and their families to know what to expect when a patient is admitted into either one of these psychiatric units. The goal of inpatient care is to return our patients to their best possible level of health so they may continue to be treated safely as an outpatient.

The geriatric psychiatry unit is a 22-bed, smoke-free unit designed for seniors with general psychiatric issues including depression and mild memory issues. An interdisciplinary team experienced in elderly psychiatric treatment collaborates to help return patients in the geriatric psychiatry unit to their best possible state of health. Patients will work closely with their nurses including in the discussion of patient and group activities.

Like the geriatric psychiatry unit, the neuropsychiatry unit contains 22 beds and is a smoke-free facility. The neuropsychiatry unit is designed to evaluate and treat seniors who experience memory and/or behavioral problems related to dementia or other cognitive impairments. Elderly patients with acute changes in mental status or behavioral problems may be admitted to the inpatient unit, where they are assessed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals. A case manager will monitor the patient's progress and ensure that the patient receives a customized plan for treatment. Upon discharge from the neuropsychiatry unit, the patient’s treatment plan will follow he or she to one of the Wesley Woods outpatients clinics or an alternate discharge destination.