Services at Budd Terrace at Wesley Woods

New patients/residents of Budd Terrace are provided an Emory Healthcare physician who is board certified in geriatrics. Patients/residents of Budd Terrace have the peace of mind of being less than one (1) mile from the world-renowned tertiary medical care provided by Emory University Hospital and The Emory Clinic. In addition to clinical care and physical, occupational, and speech therapy services, Budd Terrace offers a wide variety of services including family education as well as individual or group community and outdoor activities. Spiritual Health is available around the clock, with spiritual programs designed to fit individual backgrounds and preferences. Budd Terrace’s meal service is carefully planned for maximum nutritional support of good health by on-site registered dieticians, with programs designed to promote independence and social interaction. 

Core Levels of Service:

Budd Terrace’s clinical services operate 24-hours daily, seven (7) days a week, to ensure that patients/ residents are comfortable and continue to function at the highest level possible. Budd Terrace at Wesley Woods offers the following levels of care:

Long-Term Care
Post-Acute Care