Refer Your Patient

At Emory, our goal is to serve you and your patients effectively and compassionately. One call to our Emory Physician Consult Line can help you schedule your patient for an appointment or connect you with an Emory specialist for consultation.

Call the Emory Physician Consult Line at 404-778-5050 or 1-800-22EMORY. You will be connected with a registered nurse, who will page an Emory liver and pancreas specialist for you. You will hear back in minutes.

The following items are needed to begin the referral process:

  • Biopsy slides (if completed)
  • Recent H&P / office notes
  • Recent labs (within the last three months)
  • Recent abdominal imaging/scans
  • Copy of insurance card

Emory Tumor Conference

Liver Tumor Conference

Interested in having a patient’s case reviewed by our multidisciplinary team?

Learn about the Emory Tumor Conference, which meets weekly to discuss patients with liver, biliary and pancreatic tumors.