Our Emory Orthopaedic, Sports Medicine & Spine Team

The Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center is proud to have the finest orthopedic surgeons and non-operative orthopedists in the country working together. Our doctors research, pioneer, and perfect the most effective approaches to treating spine, orthopedic, and sports medicine conditions and teach other doctors to do the same.

General Orthopaedics
Susan Snouse, PA

Susan Snouse, PA


Elizabeth Sofia, PA

Musculoskeletal Oncology
Orthopedic Trauma
Lisa Flachbarth, NP

Lisa Flachbarth, NP

Lauren Ford

Lauren Ford, PA-C

Thomas Moore, sr., MD

Thomas Moore,Sr., MD

Jennifer Wingo, NP

Jennifer Wingo, NP

George Wright, MD

George Wright, MD

Pediatric Orthopedics
Physical Therapists

Meet our highly skilled team at Emory Physical Therapy. Read about their backgrounds, education, specializations, office locations and contact information.

*We currently have open positions for Full Time Physical Therapists.  Please contact Mike Biller for more information at michael.biller@emoryhealthcare.org

Services we offer: Running clinic for all types of runners that includes personalized video gait analysis, training tips, and technique evaluation. Click here for additional information.

Physical Therapists:

Orthopedic Treatment Options
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