Emory Health Information Exchange

When it comes to your health care, it is important for all members of your care delivery team to have details about your current and past medical information. This is why Emory Healthcare has made it easy for you to get this information to your providers through the Emory Health Information Exchange (HIE), an electronic network that allows approved providers within the Emory HIE network to securely share and view your health information.

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Emory Health Information Exchange is now connected with the Georgia Health Information Network

Healthcare providers across Georgia are connecting. For you and your family, the result is better coordinated healthcare.

Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN) is a nonprofit organization facilitating the use and exchange of electronic health information across a network of participating doctors, hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout Georgia. When providers join GaHIN, they agree to replace paper files with electronic medical records—and to share these records on a very secure, restricted-access electronic platform.

With these connections, your providers can more easily coordinate your care—which reduces the chance of misdiagnosis or duplicative testing, especially in emergencies. Also, it ensures that each of your providers knows your complete medical history, allowing for seamless care.

Your healthcare providers may already share your health records through fax and postal mail. With GaHIN, it's easier, faster and more secure for them to exchange this information. Your healthcare providers will have a complete, up-to-date picture of your health—so you can get better coordinated care.