Teleradiology Services

Does your practice need assistance with teleradiology services and radiology interpretations? Get full access to the world-class radiologists of Emory Teleradiology and provide your patients clinical excellence and continuity of care. Whatever your teleradiology service needs, including additional coverage for general or specific subspecialty interpretations, we have you covered. To learn more about our teleradiology offerings, you can request more information.

Emory Teleradiology Offers diagnostic radiology services, including on weekends and holidays. This will allow your facility to provide seamless care for your patients.

Fast, Reliable Evaluations

  • Studies are sent to our teleradiology reading centers over a secure virtual private network (VPN).
  • An Emory radiologist interprets each scan and provides a written report within 30 minutes.

We Have You Covered

  • If an examination requires immediate medical attention, we will call the attending physician within 15 minutes to discuss the findings.
  • Emory Teleradiology provides direct phone access for physician conferencing.

Why Choose Emory Teleradiology

  • Achieve higher ER productivity
  • provide continuity of care
  • Well-rested radiologists for your daytime operations
  • Availability of subspecialty evaluations

Find out more about Emory Teleradiology can benefit your practice with our tailored teleradiology services today!