Head & Neck Reconstruction

The removal of cancerous tumors from the head and neck and the damage caused by certain types of trauma may affect a patient’s ability to speak and swallow. To restore as much functionality as possible to these affected regions, our surgeons apply a variety of methods including free tissue transfer, which involves transplanting living tissue from one region of the patient's body to another.

Available reconstructive head and neck surgical procedures include:

Mandibular Reconstruction

This procedure restores oral function by transferring skin and bone from the leg, hip or back to the mandibular defect. The blood vessels are then reattached microscopically.

Intra-Oral Reconstruction

Following cancer resection, local muscle flaps from the patient's chest or back are often used to reconstruct oral defects of the tongue or floor of the mouth.

Esophageal Reconstruction

The esophagus is often reconstructed using a small portion of the intestine as a free tissue transfer to maintain a tube from the mouth to the stomach for feeding.

Cranial Reconstruction

Coverage of scalp defects often requires bony reconstruction of the skull and coverage with large local flaps or a free tissue transfer of muscle or omentum.

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