Patient Resources

Emory Advantage

Our fertility specialists counsel patients to ensure they make the most informed medical decisions. We will not deny treatment to patients with a reduced probability of success because of their age or follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) level. Learn more >>

FREE Fertility Seminar

The Emory Reproductive Center offers a team of compassionate and caring reproductive specialists who are available to assist you in your personal fertility journey, from diagnosis to management of individualized treatment plans. Learn more >>

Insurance Coverage & Questions

Once your fertility treatment plan has been finalized, you will meet with a financial counselor who can help you to coordinate payment. Generally, patients use some combination of their health insurance, health savings accounts and personal savings to pay for fertility treatments. For your convenience, we accept, cash, checks, American Express, Visa, Master Card and Discover and will submit claims to your insurance company. Learn more >>

Financing Fertility Treatment

Don't let financial challenges keep you from pursuing your dream of having a baby. Our practice is pleased to provide financial solutions and many different packages that will help you choose your best option. Learn more >>

Injection Teaching

Learn more >>