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The Emory Sleep Center accepts sleep study referrals for individuals sixteen (16) years of age and older, upon referral by a physician or other approved healthcare provider If you prefer, you may request the patient be seen in consultation with an Emory sleep specialist who will order a sleep study, as appropriate, or request that the patient be seen in consultation after the sleep study to review results, and manage care. Download the Sleep Referral Form and fax to 404-712-8145.

We provide referral assistance Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are happy to answer questions from you or your patients about scheduling an appointment. We provide a single point-of-contact, toll-free, help line for patient and scheduling inquiries. 1-800-75-EMORY (404-778-7777).

Scheduling Sleep Testing

• All sleep study referrals are reviewed to ensure the appropriate test is ordered.

We require a history and physical examination that clearly documents the need for the study or for the patient to be seen by a provider in the Sleep Clinic.

• MSLT, MWT, Bi-level and ASV PAP Titrations require an order by a board certified sleep specialist.

• View typical supporting indications for a sleep study (note: specific requirements may vary by payor).

• Emory Sleep Center offers testing seven days per week. Please download and complete the Sleep Referral Form and fax it back to us, along with any additional H&P information not included on the form: FAX: 404-712-8145

• Please inform us of any special needs, risks, or service requirements. This is extremely important to ensure proper preparation and the safety and comfort of your patient.

• Some payors will require additional or specific justification of medical necessity for sleep testing. If additional referral information is required, or your patient's insurance requires precertification, we will notify you and request completion of any additional information required by the payor.

Treatment Management

• Patients referred for consultation or a post-study consultation will be managed by sleep center providers. If requested, after the sleep study is performed, your patient will be scheduled for a sleep clinic visit to review study results, order additional testing as necessary, order and manage PAP therapy including evaluation of adherence to treatment and completion of Certificates of Medical Necessity when indicated. Your patient will benefit from the clinic expertise and support necessary to optimize adherence with PAP treatment, or explore other options when necessary.

Please note that if the patient is not seen in sleep clinic, the referring physician is responsible for ordering CPAP, reviewing the study results with the patient and managing ongoing care.


Some insurance companies require precertifications for in-laboratory sleep studies. If you prefer to have your patient managed by a sleep center specialist, including study order, completion of precertification documentation and follow-up, refer the patient for a Sleep Clinic Consultation.

AETNA Precertification

Effective March 1, 2012 the precertification process for in-laboratory sleep studies for most AETNA Plan members has changed.  AETNA  has outsourced the review process for sleep studies to Medsolutions who will determine, based on the information submitted, medical necessity and  whether the patient is approved for home testing or in-laboratory testing. 

If you prefer to manage the patient, including all required payor documentation:

  • Please complete the Certification Request Form for  your patient  and fax  it back to the Emory Sleep Center at 404-712-8145, along with the H&P that supports any comorbidities identified. 
  • The Emory Sleep Center will  forward the form to MedSolutions for precertification and will follow-up on the status until the precertification is received.
  • MedSolutions will notify the referring physician and patient if approval is granted for a Home Sleep Test, or notify the referring physician and patient that they are approved for an in-laboratory study.
  • Upon notification by MedSolutions  that the patient is approved for an in-laboratory study or an HST, we will contact the patient immediately for scheduling. 
  • Please note that all PAP therapy must be provided through a separate authorization process.

Aetna Sleep Testing Criteria and Guidelines