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Shoulder Injuries and Conditions

Many shoulder injuries happen while engaged in favorite (and popular) sports activities – football, baseball, tennis, soccer, and more. Other injuries to the shoulder occur after years of wear and tear. Emory Sports Medicine specializes in treating all shoulder injuries. Our physicians are nationally recognized leaders in their surgical field, helping to initiate and design the latest shoulder-injury procedures.

As the most versatile joint in the body, the shoulder combines interaction between muscle, tendon, ligament and bone. The shoulder offers more motion than any in the body, which gives it tremendous versatility: we throw with our shoulder, swim, hit tennis balls, bowl; we lift groceries with it, drive, even put on our shirts. And when the shoulder is injured, it disrupts everything in our life.

Shoulder injury treatments:

For more, take a look at the full list of shoulder conditions we treat, or learn more about orthopedic shoulder treatment options.

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