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TravelWell is an Emory Healthcare affiliated program aimed at providing pre- and post-traveler health services to international travelers. We provide the best advice on travel, prescribe appropriate medications, and communicate answers to travelers' needs and concerns. Make sure to print out and take with you this essential Handbook for Travel Health (PDF) containing information you need before, during and after your travels.

Given Atlanta's grand diversity, its enrichment in research through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and its role as a main hub for international travel, we at TravelWell are committed to ensure that you are well informed about potential infectious risks of visiting foreign countries, especially underdeveloped nations in Africa, Asia, South and Central America, and the Middle East.

More on TravelWell & International Travel from Dr. Kozarsky:

Visit the following links for disease specific recommendations for your destination, then visit us with these recommendations and for other essentials to make your trip a safe and enjoyable one.

  1. CDC traveler's health page
  2. International Society of Travel Medicine
  3. American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Whether traveling abroad for business or leisure, TravelWell is here to serve you and your family, friends, relatives, employees, and co-workers. Your traveling needs and concerns are our priority at TravelWell.  Please call 404-686-5885 at your earliest convenience to make your appointment.

WHO Collaborating Centre

The TravelWell Clinic has also been recognized as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference, Training, and Coordination in Travel Medicine. We are one of only three centres in the Americas.

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