"I can come by here and have a couple of polyps lasered off my vocal cords and then go straight to work."
— Daryl Collins, age 53

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Refer Your Patient

The multidisciplinary staff at the The Emory Voice Center is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment (PDF 972 KB) of the full spectrum of voice disorders. We also serve the special needs of professional singers and speakers. To refer a patient to The Emory Voice Center clinic, including Dr. Klein, Dr. Hatcher and Dr. Villari, please call 404-686-1850. Emory's team of licensed speech pathologists evaluate and treat disorders of speech, language, cognition, and swallowing. To refer a patient to Emory Speech Pathology Services, please download and complete this form [PDF] and fax it, along with complete clinic notes, to 404-686-4699. We will call you to confirm receipt.