"We chose Emory Oral and Maxillofacial for my daughter's oral surgery because we have great confidence in Emory Healthcare..."
— Sheila H., Atlanta, GA

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Test Your Teeth!

1. What kind of doctor should you see for a wisdom tooth extraction?

A. a dentist
B. a podiatrist
C. an oral surgeon
The answer is "C"—an oral surgeon. Emory's oral surgeons are among the very best!

2. True or False: It doesn't make any difference when you have your wisdom teeth removed—you can wait till you're older.

False! The best time to have your wisdom teeth removed is while you're young. Waiting can lead to painful problems later, including misaligned teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay.

3. What are the signs you may need to have your wisdom teeth removed?

A. Dull ache in your jaw
B. Slightly shifting teeth
C. Third molar teeth are not visible
D. All of the above
The answer is "D"—all of the above. Not sure you need surgery? When in doubt, get your teeth checked out by the experts at Emory!
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